Tuesday, February 15, 2011


  Giavonna is my dog. She is my very first dog. We had her since 2OO9. I love her to death!! I considered her my sister, which many people find very weird. Want to know little about her? Let me tell you!
Giavonna's Profile
Name? Giavonna
Gender? Felmale
Type of dog? Blue Heeler or Australian Cattle Dog [Same type of dog, but two different names.]
Favorite word[s]? Cookie
Bio? Giavonna loves to play outside, be a dog and to be love up. She really likes to be petted [Like most dogs.]. Much more...
Looks like?
This photo was taken last winter [2O1O], but she still looks like that. Cute, right? Well, I think so. You tell me [In the comments below.]

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