Friday, March 4, 2011

Think about it...

  You know those you people who you think don't give a sh!t about life? Well, think about it. Do they really care about stuff. They may have a sucky life at home. Or nobody taught them how to care about grades, manner, and etc.
  Have you seen the kid that makes fun of everybody is having a really tough time in life? Maybe they don't care about school and grades because they know won't make it through? They probably think they are stupid. Then people make fun of them.

[This sounded why-- better in my head.]

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Writing Blog?

  I really want to have blog where I can post my own stories. Where nobody steals them. But that is impossible. I don't how to have proof it is my writing. I like having the privacy of people not knowing my real name. Any ideas or tips? Thank you.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Snow Day!

  Today I have a snow day. I get to miss my math quiz. That makes me very happy. I like math, but I hate math. I like my teacher, I just hate math. It really sucks I hate it. I will have to use it the rest of my life.
  Today I have miss English class. *Tear* I love English so much. My favorite class. It only sucks when we can't write stories. But poems are cool too [We are learning about different types of poems.]
  I am still happy we have a snow day!! Do you have a snow day today? Do like having snow days [Who doesn't.]?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


  Okay, my friend has been playing her I-pod non-stop! It is really annoying. Okay, not that annoying-- The music is shocking good. One problem, she hates all the music I like. Not the music we both like. Mostly all of it. It is very irritating. Thankfully, she is incredible.We are both huge music lovers.
  Music has always been a huge part of my life, and I can't help but love it! The problem for me, is it is really hard to write a good song. The only time I think of something unthinkable awesome, is in the shower. [Who doesn't sing in the shower?] Then it comes out all wrong when I write it down. Any tips? Write them in the comments. Thanks!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

These are so incredible!

  Look at these really incredible doodles: 

  I really love the candy theme one. I told you I was 100% doodle crazy. I have been trying to draw my own awesome doodles. They are okay. Doodles are hard to make them look good.
  If you want me to post a picture of doodle, give me a link to the photo. I will post it on my blog and give your/you credit! Brilliant idea! Just tell me your blog and nick/first name. Or only the link to your blog. Or only your nick/first name.
  Comment down below, which doodle you like better. You already know I love the candy theme one. [Well I do have a sweet tooth.] I also love the other one too.


  Do you know where I want to go? Greece! You probably guess that. Just looked at the name of this post. In social studies we are learning about Ancient Greece. It is really inserting to me. We only started a few weeks ago, [Learning about Ancient Greece.] but it is so cool. I love that class. The part that sucks is that I only have that class every other day.
  I'm wondering, where would you want to visit? And why? [I'm just wondering.]

Saturday, February 19, 2011


  Randomly I was searching hearts on Google, and I came across this sad, but awesome picture. It was on a blog post, so I read the post. The person said it reminds them of cancer patients and AIDS patients. Once you think about, they are right. It really does make you think of cancer and AIDS patients. You just have to look a little deeper.
   To tell the truth, I would have never thought of that unless it was for that person's blog post. To go to the blog, visit

Friday, February 18, 2011

100% In Love With Doodles

   Lately I have adore with doodles [Okay, it started only today. But I can't help but love them.] I was Google looking up doodles, and I found this awesome doodle. I love the meaning of it. Somebody is Genius whoever made this! Amazing idea.
  I found this really adorable doodle. It is so cute. Someone must have put a lot of time into this. This person is defiantly a artist. Look at all the detail. I am impress by the astonishing detail. 
  I'm not sure if this is a doodle or not, but I love it! It looks like something Dr.Seuss would make. Which is very cute. I love the shape of the clouds. I think it is different, which is great.

Like it?

  Do you like the blog background. I love it! The theme is black and white. Awesome, right?
  I have been getting inspired by tons of things around me. I got inspired to try to write story. I saw this girl writing in her notebook the other day, which I got inspired. Then, at first I didn't like the singer Jessie J, know I love her music. I love her voice. I also started to watch these makeup channels on youtube. I had gotten inspired to watch them. I use to hate them so much. I love watching them know. I love getting inspired!
  Have you gotten inspired lately? Tell me! Just comment below.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


  Giavonna is my dog. She is my very first dog. We had her since 2OO9. I love her to death!! I considered her my sister, which many people find very weird. Want to know little about her? Let me tell you!
Giavonna's Profile
Name? Giavonna
Gender? Felmale
Type of dog? Blue Heeler or Australian Cattle Dog [Same type of dog, but two different names.]
Favorite word[s]? Cookie
Bio? Giavonna loves to play outside, be a dog and to be love up. She really likes to be petted [Like most dogs.]. Much more...
Looks like?
This photo was taken last winter [2O1O], but she still looks like that. Cute, right? Well, I think so. You tell me [In the comments below.]

Monday, February 14, 2011

Nicki Minaj

  I love her [Not love, love. But, you know what I mean.]! She is such a great rapper. I love style for some strange reason. I have idea why. Let me just say, my favorite song by her is: [It is fly.]. Just to say this, Pink is still my favorite singer.


  I have a stupid cold, grr. I wish it would go away. What stinks, its on Valentines Day [My mother's birthday, too.].
  What is good, is that I have these really cute red boots. We also have chocolate cookies! Yum. Paula Deen's recipe. So yummy.  I want to eat all of them, right now.  
  My dog has no idea it is Valentines Day. Which is really funny. She thinks it is love me up [Like petting her and stuff.].
  Well, this post was boring. I just had to type/write something.

Sorry for my last post

  Sorry for my last post [I swore a lot in that one.]. When I get really mad I do that. I just wanted to excuse my language. Thank you for understanding...I think.


  Degrassi fucking suck the night I watch it! I can't believe it. There is always so much drama, but then this episode suck like shit. I love that show, but WOW Degrassi, you are way better than that. Make more DRAMA! I crave it [only on the show.]! So, pretty please make more fucking drama!   

Friday, February 11, 2011

Degrassi is on...Tonight!

  Finally Degrassi is on tonight. Finally! Degrassi is my favorite show... Ever! Love it!! Do you watch Degrassi [just wondering.]? If you do, who is your favorite character? From the old episodes, is Manny. The now Degrassi, my is Ali. Love those to actresses on Degrassi. Perfect for their parts. It showing tonight at 9:00pm. One more hour. Can't wait. I am so excited what is going to happen. I am wondering what happens to Clare [Clarie? Which way is it spell.] and Eli. You? Can't wait! Very excited!!  

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Are we really going Green?

  NO! I have been thinking: Are we going Green? We talk about it, but we do nothing about it! Strange, right? People talk the talk, but don't do any action. I have a great idea!!
   We should all go Green. Here is what we can do:
  • Not go on our computers/phones for 24 hours
  • Not watch TV for a week 
  • Turn off our lights for 24 hours
  • Not go on our elections for a 24 hours or a week...
  • Etc [comment below if you have any other ideas]
  If you want to join me, sign your user name/name/nickname/just saying I'm in. Then tell me if you are doing anything I said we will do.


                 Oh, how much I love stardoll. I have been a member since August 2OO8. My user name is 10notaskater10. Are you a member? I ask because when I ask my friends, they act like what are you talking about. How couldn't people know about stardoll, there are 9O million members and more. Comment down below if you want me to visit your suite. I'll also vote covergirl [5/5].

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Jolly Ranchers

                       Oh, how much I love jolly ranchers. We only had bought them a yesterday days ago, and I ate four them already [I know it really isn't a lot, but to me it is. We don't buy a lot of candy.]. Ops. I love the blueberry flavor. My all-time favorite. I'm eating the fourth one right now. Do you love jolly ranchers? I love them [I just told you that.]. But I think I would never eat a whole packet [Gross!]. What is your favorite candy? Comment.

I'm love with... Singing

                  I have always been in love with singing since I was a little girl. I have change favorite singers like a thousand times. Now I really know my favorite singer: Pink. I love her music. If you didn't know, pretty much music is my whole life [Okay, not my whole life, but lot of it.]. Love it! I love it when songs mean something. But I hate it when singers just sing something for the sake of it.
                 I love the song Fireworks, by Katy Perry. I love how it means: You shouldn't care what others think of you. Just be your self. You. I love all Pink's songs, but I'm not going to explain everyone of them [To lazy to.]. I love pop music. Love it! I'm alto [I know that because of chorus. Love that class.]. What about you?
                  As you can see, I'm in love with music and singing. Are you in love with music and singing?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


                Hello. Welcome to inspired! Here I will mostly talk about fashion and other stuff related to fashion. We will also talk about music or anything else that Inspires me. Or anything else that gets my attention. 
                Wanna know a little about me?  My nickname is Kittie. I am in love singing and well of course fashion. I almost forgot, I love writing and music. My all time favorite singer is Pink. I love how she doesn't care what anyone thinks of her. I love her song Sober. It is funny that I love the singer Pink, and the color pink. I laugh all the time. Always. I love singing so much. I have stage fright. I wish I didn't have stage fright. I have another website: think I might like this blog even better than my other one. Well, because I can talk about things other than stardoll.
                 Bye everyone. I hope you love my website. Please follow. Comment please.