Friday, February 18, 2011

100% In Love With Doodles

   Lately I have adore with doodles [Okay, it started only today. But I can't help but love them.] I was Google looking up doodles, and I found this awesome doodle. I love the meaning of it. Somebody is Genius whoever made this! Amazing idea.
  I found this really adorable doodle. It is so cute. Someone must have put a lot of time into this. This person is defiantly a artist. Look at all the detail. I am impress by the astonishing detail. 
  I'm not sure if this is a doodle or not, but I love it! It looks like something Dr.Seuss would make. Which is very cute. I love the shape of the clouds. I think it is different, which is great.

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